WinGL Release Notes 

Version 2.28/29
September 10, 2009 - Check Printing: Continuous checks was using wrong check number for multiple stub checks

Version 2.21

December 3, 2003 - Allocations could not be added in Check Register Maintenance.

Version 2.18

January 27, 2003 -  Single Invoice Distribution changes were not being saved.

Version 2.17

January 24, 2003 -  Check Reconciliation was handling Bank Errors incorrectly.

Version 2.16

January 6, 2003 -  Corrected NULL error in General Ledger report and fixed deletion of Operating Statement report.

Version 2.15

December 24, 2002 -  Added multiple years to Balance displays by Account and by Company.

Version 2.13

December 9, 2002 -  Added new invoice number option to Batch Invoicing: Description + 2 Digit Year..

Version 2.12

December 3, 2002 -  Trial Balance uses Transaction table instead of Balance table for accuracy.

Version 2.11

October 30, 2002 -  Balance displays use Transaction table instead of Balance table for accuracy.

Version 2.10

September 23, 2002 -  The Balance Sheet report was sometimes picking up extra transactions (from the next month).

Version 2.09

August 20, 2002 -  It was possible to create double postings by modifying a Check in the Check Register before it was posted to the General Ledger..

Version 2.08

July 17, 2002 -  1. Invoice posting was leaving invoices with discounts behind.

                         2. Check Recon was not posting Added Deposits.

Version 2.07

June 7, 2002 -  Added 'Description + Month/Year' option to Batch Invoices.

Version 2.06

June 5, 2002 -  If the allocation screen is viewed for a Batch Invoice, upon exiting an allocation for an invoice from another batch may be displayed on the main Invoice screen.

WinGL Version 2.05

May 31, 2002 -  Fixed intermittent data errors during journal entries.

WinGL Version 2.04

May 1, 2002 -    Blank pages were being produced during Batch Report Processing

WinGL Version 2.03

April 18, 2002 -   Batch Invoices mixed data when the same vendor/invoice number were used in different batches.

WinGL Version 2.02

April 18, 2002 -   Balance sheet amounts were incorrect.

WinGL Version 2.01

April 5, 2002 -    1. Check Register maintenance updated the GL incorrectly in certain circumstances.

                            2. Added option to match invoice company/department against allocations.

WinGL Version 2.0

February 8 -   New Function: Bank Reconciliation.  Also - Old Vendor number appears in Payment Selection List next to Vendor Name.

Version 1.9e

AUGUST 21 -   Adds G/L Budget display and editing.

Version 1.9d

AUGUST 2 -   Adds automatic G/L updating when a check is edited from the Check Register.

Version 1.9c

JULY 26 -   Important: The file for this release is named 'GLSETUP.EXE' and must be downloaded and then run on each computer on which you use WinGL.

This release contains changes to Manual Journal Entries and Check Register Maintenance that improve their functionality.

Version 1.9b

JULY 17 -   1. Corrected memo line processing for Batch Invoices.

                    2. Corrected Invoice Allocation problem that caused extraneous dollar amounts to show up in the allocation grid.

                    3. Corrected carry-over of vendor addresses on AP Checks.

Version 1.9a

JULY 12 -   1. Added Manual Entry + Date to Batch Invoices.

                    2. Corrected Check Register Maintenance to allow deletion of allocations.

                    3. Corrected problem with Batch Invoicing Memo lines to allow entry of different memos for  the same vendor in different batches.

Version 1.9a

JUNE 25 - There is a bug in the check printing program that will cause incorrect posting and reporting of printed checks.  Download this update IMMEDIATELY.

Version 1.9

Interim production release of Batch Invoicing (not all manual entry options active).

Version 1.8

Beta 2 of Batch Invoicing.

Version 1.7

Batch Invoice function now allows Invoice Number option to be applied on a batch by batch basis.

Version 1.6 

1.    All report forms now retain the last data entered.

2.    There is a new 'Batch Invoice' function.  It is in the middle of beta testing and should not be used for 'real' work yet.