WinPM Release Notes 

Version 4.0.0
January 13, 2010 - Interfaces with WinDoc to display and print tenant documents


Winpm Version 2.14

April 13, 2007

There was a problem in the Add Tenants function which could result in

the wrong old tenant getting replaced when a new tenant was added

Winpm Version 2.12

November 6, 2006 -

The following fields have been added to Tenant's Page Two:

1) Second cell phone number

2) Two email address fields

Wimpm Version 2.10

March 1, 2006 - Changes to Preferential Work Sheet

    Added option to Lease Letters to print multiple copies

Wimpm Version 2.8

July 20, 2005 - New Lease Renewal Letter - uses scanned image of DHCR form


    It is essential that you download both the new Winpm program AND the

    Lease Letter Form.  Place both of these in your pmsys or winpm directory.


    Failure to follow these instructions will disable your ability to print

    Letter Renewal Letters

Wimpm Version 2.7

June 29, 2005  -  2 decimal places added to rent increase percentages

Winpm Version 1.17

July 8, 2003  -  There are three important changes to Tenant Charges:


              1. LEGAL RENT CheckBox: Checking this box

                  on a tenant charge will cause the base amount to be

                  included in the rent roll (legal rent).  It is

                  unchecked by default.


              2. CHARGE TO TENANT CheckBox: Checking

                  this box on a tenant charge will include the charge

                  amount in the tenant's TOTAL DUE amount on the

                  rent statement  If the box is unchecked, the charge

                  amount will not be included in the TOTAL DUE on

                  the rent statement.  The charge description and

                  amount will still be printed on the statement.  The box

                  is CHECKED by default.


              3. SHOW ON BILL CheckBox: Checking this box

                  on a tenant charge will cause the charge to be printed

                  on the rent statement.  If the box is unchecked, the charge

                  will not be printed on the rent statement.  The box is

                  CHECKED by default.


            These changes will allow much more flexibility in the use of

            charges, especially in the area of subsidies.  It should no longer

            be necessary, for instance, to use negative charge amounts for

            section 8 and welfare subsidies or to use multiple tenant accounts.

Winpm Version 1.16a

May 8, 2003  -  1. Changed Tenant Screen to utilize tabs for secondary forms.
                          2. Added DHCR form item #13 data to tenant record.

                          3. Added Legal Info tab that includes PERSON OCCUPY

                            APARTMENT and WINDOW GUARD AND LEAD PAINT


Winpm Version 1.16

December 19, 2002  -  Right bracket of charge comment was printed to the right of the corresponding amount on rent statement.

Winpm Version 1.15

November 11, 2002  -  Added a comment field to tenant charges which will be displayed during payment entries and be printed on tenant bills.

Winpm Version 1.14

November 1, 2002  -  Old tenants were not being removed during Month end reorg.

Winpm Version 1.13

August 9, 2002  -  Late Notices now allow selection by tenant number.

Winpm Version 1.12

July 24, 2002  -  Late Notices (Laser 1) was repeating address line 2 from one notice to the next.

Winpm Version 1.11

May 28, 2002  -  Apartment number added to Laser Late Notice.

Winpm Version 1.10

April 3, 2002  -   In Batch Changes for Charges, the future date was not being saved.

Winpm Version 1.09

November 8 -   Company name length increased from 30 characters to 50.

Winpm Version 1.08

October 30 -   Adds Company name and Federal ID number to Security Interest Calculation printout.

Winpm Version 1.07

September 25 -   Fixes a problem when one workstation had a tenant record open and another posted a payment.  The Month to date amount was not updated.  Now the payment entry will not be accepted until the first workstation closes the tenant record.

Winpm Version 1.06

JULY 12 - This release includes the following changes:

                1. A change to the line spacing on the OLD style (continuous form) LATE NOTICES.  If you still use continuous form LATE NOTICES and do not have a problem with the line spacing, DO NOT download this release.

                2. Correction to the lease expiration process that clears both the LEASE LETTER and LOW RENT ALLOWANCE flags when a new lease expiration date is entered for a tenant.