Investor Release Notes
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Investor Manager Release Notes 

Version 1.8

February 2, 2006  -  

Made it possible to transfer a portion of shares to the original investor without having to create a new investor instance

Version 1.7

November, 2005  -  

Various bug-fixes and stability changes

Version 1.6

January 1, 2005  -  

1. Added Prior Year Distribution and Withholding reporting.

2. Corrected Label positioning

Version 1.5

October 22, 2003  -  

1. Check Layout Editor: Now you can customize the layout of your checks.

2. Payee Field: A new field to allow for long payee names that is not restricted to the investor name.

3. Withholding: Allows for withholding taxes.

Version 1.4

September 12, 2003  -  

1. Check Posting: Posting list is now sorted by check number.

2. Start Check Processing: Was not processing single checks.

3. Check Printing: DBnull error was occurring under certain circumstances.

4. Investor Listing: Was not listing single investors.

5. Investor Labels: Partnership ID moved to first line of label.