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city scape Michael Bartmon Computer Services LLC has been in the business of providing quality Property Management Software, computer consulting, support,and programming for over 30 years. Our offerings include Real Estate Software (Property Management software and Real Estate Investor programs)  as well as general purpose Accounting, Payroll, and Labor Union Billing systems. We also provide a variety of software and computer system consulting services to help you manage your computer and computer network operations efficiently.

MbcsCentral (Demo Available)

The Property Management System is moving to the Web!

What you will be able to do with MbcsCentral:
  • Run it from the web where ever you have internet access.
  • Install it on one or more of your computers and run it locally.
  • Use both of the above options (Dual Run) for maximum flexibility.
  • Which ever RUN option you use you can choose from the following Database options:
    • Store your data in a Cloud Database.
    • Store your data on your office network.
    • Store your data both in the Cloud and locally with automatic replication between the two.
      Your local database and the Cloud Database will update each other so no matter which one is used the other will be current.
  • Utilize up-to-date Database server technology: Microsoft SQL Server.
    The Express Edition (which is free) can be installed on your local file server.
    The Cloud Database is included with the Cloud run or dual run options.
    A Cloud Database can be added to a local only install.
  • Take advantage of fine-grained user permissions to each function of each application.
  • Current clients will be able to easily import their current database to SQL Server.

Security will be tight and each client's data will be completely separate from and not accessible to any other client.

MbcsCentral will include all of our current Property Management offerings. It is also designed to grow along with new requirements.

We invite you to visit our new MbcsCentral website where we are offering a demo of the new system.

While there you can register for the MbcsCentral WinPM application Beta.

Now Available! 

Free Trial Here
The LeaseMaker BUY NOW

The Lease Maker is designed for the Residential and Commercial Property Manager to make the task of producing standard and customized leases fast and easy.  It provides an easy to use interface for the day to day printing of leases as well as complete lease document management which includes a dedicated word processor.

Leases can be fashioned from simple, stand-alone documents or from cut and paste clauses.  In addition, separate rider documents can be added to any lease.  Documents can be imported from external word processors (in RTF format). Owner and building information is stored internally to the program to be inserted (as in mail/merge) into any lease, clause, or rider.

Printing a lease is done by choosing the building from a list and either one of any number of pre-assigned standard leases or any of the other lease documents in the system.  Then the renter information is entered, a proof sheet printed (if desired), and then the final lease document is produced..

The included full feature word processor allows for the use of any system font style, size, and color.  Paragraphs can be formatted and images (such as logos or externally scanned documents) can be inserted anywhere in any lease, clause, or rider.  The inclusion of merge fields from owner/building or renter information is done from simple drop-down lists for BOTH typed documents and scanned documents.

There are no limits as to the number of documents or owners/buildings that can be stored.  Document sizes are essentially limitless as well (about 2 billion characters each).