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Real Estate Investor Manager

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Designed to expedite the management of Real Estate Investment Partnerships.   Investor Manager was developed in cooperation with real estate professionals by computer systems professionals who have created real estate systems for over 20 years.


  • No limit on Partnerships or Investors.

  • Distributions can be:

    Multiples of a regular distribution on a Partnership by Partnership or Investor by Investor basis.

    Percentage of a total dollar pay-out.

  • Inactive Investors are kept until year-end.

  • Prints distribution checks on any laser printer.

  • Investor accounts are updated automatically after checks are processed.

  • Investor interest can be allocated and transferred with ease.

  • Prints Check Registers and maintains check records.

  • Check Layout Editor allows you to customize the appearance of distribution checks.

  • Deduct and report withholding taxes.

  • Easily replace distribution checks when necessary.

  • Browse the User Manual (click on Manual button at the right).

  • FREE TO TRY for 21 days. (click the Trial button).  Fully functional except that it will not print negotiable checks.

  • Buy on-line for $89.95 (Buy-Now button).


  • CPU:           Pentium

  • Memory:     128 Mb

  • OS:             Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000

  • Disk Space: 5 Mb or more depending on number of Partnerships and Investors

Current Version
1.8 February 2, 2006

Release Notes

Manual (pdf)



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