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 WinPM Tenant Account Receivables

 Version 4.0.0 / January 13, 2010   Release Notes
 Lease Renewal Form  
 Preferential Rent Form
 Letter Writer 


 MS Data Access
 System Files Only
 Full Install (install to any computer)
 Crystal Reports
 Lease Report

 WinGL Accounts Payable & General Ledger

 Version 2.29 / September 10, 2009  Release Notes
 WinGL  (Wingl executable only)
 One-Click Install  (direct install)
 Full Install  (install to any computer)
 System Files
 DB Location Fixer
 PrintBoss Form File  12/27/04 (corrects 3rd address line)

 The LeaseMaker

 Version 1.1 / July 31, 2008  
 LeaseMaker Setup
 LeaseMaker Program
 .Net Framework 1.1

 Investor Manager

 Version 1.1 / July 31, 2008  
 Investor Manager Program
 Help File

 The Union Manager

 Version 1.01 / August 22, 2004  

 WinPR - Payroll

 November 23, 2003
 Program Install

 WinDOC - Document Scanning and Management

 Version 1.00 / January 16, 2006
 WinDoc Full Setup
 WinDoc executable
 Vintasoft Driver